There are many different ways to make a living in the music industry these days. Because of social media and the Internet, it’s much easier to be a successful independent musician. Knowing the tools that are available to you and understanding how to use them makes your job that much easier. 

In order to thrive, you need to know how to book shows, how to book a tour, how to speak to a promoter.  You also need videos, EPK’s, and new ways to promote your band and your business. 

Do you know what a PRO is? Do you know what a license is, or a licensing fee?  Do you know how to collect your royalties?  It’s great to place your music in a film or commercial, but if you don’t understand how to register it or how to negotiate a contract, it will severely limit the amount of money you will be making.  You need to know how and with whom to register your music so you get any performance royalties and licensing fees.  There are many revenue-generating avenues open to you – you need to not be afraid to ask, know where to go, and learn these standard music business practices.

Liza Carbe and Jean-Pierre Durand are veterans of the music business for over 30 years.  They are producers, composers, performing musicians and co-founders of their successful international touring and recording group INCENDIO. This Billboard-charting “world guitar” group has been together for twenty years. They have eleven self-produced albums out and have averaged around 150 shows annually since their inception, most of which have been self-booked. With over 101 million spins on Pandora alone, they have also enjoyed success on the Amazon, CMJ and NAV charts.e lot more.

Liza and JP have also been writing production music for music libraries, television, and film for twenty-five years. They have thousands of placements, which include Law and Order, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, the video game Far Cry 3, the hit movie Bridesmaids, and so many more. They scored the The History of Mexico for The History Channel, wrote one of the Mathnasium commercials, scored the animated montage of Lawnmower Man for the DVD release, wrote the music for one of Disney’s Baby Einstein videos and wrote and produced three different sports packages, the most recent one for the Real Salt Lake USA soccer team.

They have also produced and recorded albums for many different talented artists.

Liza and JP have realized that many of the artists they produced had no idea what to do with their music once it was finished.  Since that epiphany, they also coach artists on understanding the music business, understanding all about royalties and how to book tours and shows.

Liza Carbe has her BA degree from Cal State Northridge with emphasis in classical guitar. In addition to her extensive production and performance work with Incendio, she has toured and recorded with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac (playing such prestigious venues as Radio City Music Hall, as well as opening a series of stadium shows for the legendary Tina Turner), Leon Patillo from Santana, Vixen, Sara Hickman, Jeff  “Skunk” Baxter and many more.

Jean-Pierre Durand has his BA in economics from UC Berkeley. He worked at MCA records supporting acts such as Heavy D and the Boyz, Bell Biv DeVoe, and Ralph Tresvant. Utilizing his Peruvian heritage and bilingual skills, he worked at Univision and Telemundo, where for several years he helped produce the massive free downtown Los Angeles latino concert event, Fiesta Broadway, as well as La Hora Lunatica and Padrisimo. He has also recorded guitar with DJ Bonebrake from X and on such projects as the soundtrack to The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. JP also films and edits all the videos for Incendio.

The pair have not only worked in all these different areas of the music business, but have taken the time to go deep and understand how each area works.

“The more you understand how all areas of the business work together, the better your chances are to succeed. You have chosen to work in the entertainment business, which is complex and competitive – it’s good to get as much knowledge and support as you can”.

“Some artists come to us with their songs ready to go and all we need to do is capture who they are, others need us to help them find their voice and some need us to help them finish writing their songs. When the recording is done, we teach the artists everything we’ve learned about the business along the way. We help give them the tools that they need.”