Consultation level 1:

For advice to jumpstart your career. Can include:

  • booking advice
  • developing your promo
  • recording techniques for audio and video

5 – 7 hours of calls and followups

Consultation level 2:

For the more advanced artist in mid-career. Can include:

  • reviewing your promo
  • improving your booking
  • booking conferences
  • improving your recordings
  • live sound tips
  • understanding royalties

10-15 hours of calls and follow-ups

Consultation level 3:

Music management and/or music production package

The maximum services of level 2 in an expanded time frame, either to guide an album or single release and/or to utilize our music or video production services.

Academic package #1

Liza and JP visit your university/ college/music business conference to discuss techniques for the independent musician (covering booking, recording, royalties, and related topics) for a seminar or multi-day event. This is available nationally and internationally.

Academic package #2

Liza and JP visit a high school or elementary school to talk about our careers and business to young people, especially all young artists. This is a single-day, single-visit situation and can be paired with a concert.