“The music business is more complicated than ever. Artists have to learn so many aspects that the record companies used to take care of. It’s a completely different world. Liza and JP have made that transition, by learning so many facets of the biz in real time. If you’ve got your music together and want to bring it to the world, they can help you recognize the pitfalls and the genuine opportunities. They are the real deal.”

~Barry Squire – Musicians Institute, Music Talent Scout

“JP Durand and Liza Carbe produced our most recent album and to say that the album couldn’t be made without them would be an understatement. They not only recorded us with top-notch recording equipment, but they were also incredibly helpful in the song-vetting process for our album and helped us select and refine the songs we had written to make it the strongest album possible. While they took on an active role, they never imposed their thoughts on our project – they helped us manifest our vision. They also made us very comfortable while recording by creating a fun yet professional environment. They were always readily available to address any questions on our part and they were quick to send us their mixes and revisions.

They also shared their decades of industry experience with us by helping us strategize avenues of promotion for our album and to ensure that all our I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed when it came to important administrative tasks (finding an aggregator, signing with a PRO). Overall, the invaluable expertise, experience, and humility of JP Durand and Liza Carbe made them the perfect choice for producing our album and advising its promotion.


~ The Licata Brothers

“It is rare to find artists who can combine their creativity with a mindset for the business of music. Liza Carbe and Jean Pierre Durand are the perfect example of musicians/composers who get both sides. I’ve been working with them for over twenty years and I just love how they rise to every occasion – whether it’s live performance or an “in-studio” production. They are both skilled professionals who can whip out an amazing project but also pay close attention to the fine details involved in composing and arranging as well as having seasoned skills in pro audio. They will deliver to any technical specifications you ask for. They also get the meaning of the word “deadline” and have never let me down. As a producer and owner of two successful TV/Film catalogues, I am always thrilled when I have the opportunity to work with them on a new project.”

~Lindsay Tomasic – ​Producer and owner of Frameworks Music and partner in Ear Parade

“JP and Liza produced 3 tracks on my latest album “Infinitus”, – ‘Jalapeno’, ‘Sambana’ and ‘Montecito Shores’ (as well as Liza playing bass and JP playing fretless on the whole album). Their knowledge and wisdom of such a wide range of genres, along with their natural intuition for what a piece of music needs to make it shine is truly priceless.”

~ Mark Barnwell – Spanish guitarist