The Book – “Thrive and Survive in the Music Business”

Liza Carbe and Jean-Pierre Durand bring together more than 30 years of hands-on touring, composition and production know-how into their new book. The co-founders of the “world guitar” group INCENDIO show you how to self-book your act, how to attend booking conferences, how to set up your promo materials, how to start recording yourself, how to understand your royalties, and so much more.

The duo has had their compositions placed in hundreds of TV shows & films, and with Incendio, they have hit the Billboard charts and achieved over 100 million streaming plays.

“The music business is more complicated than ever. Artists have to learn so many aspects that the record companies used to take care of. It’s a completely different world. Liza and JP have made that transition, by learning so many facets of the biz in real time. If you’ve got your music together and want to bring it to the world they can help you recognize the pitfalls and the genuine opportunities. They are the real deal”​

Barry Squire: Music and Referrals, Musicians Institute, LACM

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Thrive and Survive in Music